Ziplining through Maui!

20 November 2017

Traveling is my favorite part about the career path I’ve chosen. I used to spend hours planning trips when I was younger, with the intention of one day being able to travel and venture around the world. Maui was always one of those cities that I dreamed of seeing since I was little, and I always said that the minute I could afford a ticket, I’d take myself there. Since my boyfriend and I just celebrated our one year anniversary, I wanted to treat us both to something special, and a trip to Hawaii was the first gift that came to mind! I told myself I wasn’t going to work or try and get any cool freebies, but I couldn’t resist. We ended up getting to zipline for free with Skyline Eco Adventures, hang by the pool at the Hyatt, and drive on the road to Hana to see the sunset over the coast. I’m proud to be able to say I finally got to Maui, and all I had to do was work hard to get myself there!

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