My Trip with Zipcar

1 June 2017

Hello!! Good morning and happy Thursday! Can I just say how nice it is to be back in Boston!? This is the longest I’ve been home for, and it’s only been about 72 hours. I’m off to NYC tomorrow for Bookcon, but I’m enjoying being home for the next few hours!

I teamed up with Zipcar when I was in LA. If you’ve never heard of Zipcar, you’re probably going to want to reserve a car with them once you’re done reading this post. I’ve known about the company for quite a while, because the brand is pretty popular within the young adult community.

Some traits Zipcar is known for are;

·         More car sharing vehicles than any other brand, within a five minute walk

·         Parking included – saves time and money

·         Variety of cars – fit the whole gang in and always have the right car for the trip

·         Drive yourself, choose your journey and your crew

So when I went to decide what kind of car Gabe and I should rent, I knew I wanted to team up with a brand like Zipcar. They share many similar views to me, and most of the cars they offer are perfect for young adults to drive. As much fun as it would be to drive around in a Range Rover, it’s probably most practical to drive around in a Honda.

Since I can’t drive (at all…) Gabe was on the reservation, but I snook a few pics. We had a really nice Honda, and it was extremely easy to drive around.

Since I was staying at the Noon on Sunset Hill, we simply parked outside of the hotel and left the car there. If you’ve never stayed at this hotel before, I highly suggest it. Noon is located in Echo Park, which is a little ways away from West Hollywood. It’s not the best area, but it’s quite central to Hollywood and Century City. Plus, it’s conveniently located close to the highway, so you have easy access to everything. Below are some snaps from the super chic room: the hotel even has a full kitchen and beautiful living room- it honestly feels like a home!

If you’re thinking about traveling to LA, I’d suggest reserving with Noon on Sunset Hill and Zipcar. You won’t regret it!




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