WTF Do I Do All Day?!

25 April 2022

Answering the question girls, guys and everyone in between always asks me: WTF do you do all day, Alexa!?

I go into more detail on this episode of The New Unfiltered, but everyday in my life is so different. Now that I’ve been focusing so heavily on the summit program and building that into an app while trying to raise money, my time is spent less on creating ongoing “content” for my personal brand and heavily focused on finding large corporate partnerships, getting advice from my mentors on the next stages of my career and so on.

A typical day in my life depending on the city I’m in may involve some of the below, like lunch with my friend and podcast guest Joey Tierney in LA last week, an afternoon at the beach reading if I finish work, or eating. I love to eat, which you can probably tell if you’ve seen my guide to Austin blog post!

A typical day in Austin for me is:

Waking up between 6-6:30 AM 

Meditating for 20 minutes while drinking a glass of lemon water, followed by my almond milk latte made with Nespresso

By 7:30 I’m out of the house, picking up my friend Aish to go workout. We spend about 1-1.5 hours at a gym we go to and then I drop her off by 9:30 to start out day!

Between 10 AM -1 PM I may be filming a podcast, talking to sponsors, building out the Be Fearless Summit deck, and having lunch. During the week I frequently eat meal prep by Freshly

Around 3/4 I’ll take a break and get a juice or go out for a coffee depending on where I’m working that day. 

By 4/4:30 PM I’m usually wrapping up work and thinking about what to make for dinner, but I’ll decompress with a show or a snack plate and then I’ll start making dinner]

During the week I’m often in bed by 8 and asleep by 8:30 or 9 PM latest. I really think my ability to wind down and start falling asleep so early helps my body get naturally adjusted to times when I’m more stressed, talking to more people and getting up earlier to workout or start working.



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