The Roe V. Wade Decision Sickens Me

3 May 2022

A statement from Be Fearless Summit and myself below.

This opinion is my own and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

I avoid discussing politics on my platform. 

I will however speak about women’s rights, the justice system and gun policy openly.

I am opposed to guns, however my wish of guns being abolished will never be passed SO I’d like for the purchase of a gun to be near impossible unless you pass a f*** ton of tests (mental health tests & more) and other obstacles before you’re allowed to buy a gun. Europe has a significantly lower amount of school and mass shootings because people can’t go into a gun store and London and walk out with a rifle in a matter of minutes. Ugh. This topic makes me so heated. 

Unless you live under a rock (I’d like to go live under a rock if this actually happens- anyone with me?) you know what the Roe V. Wade case is about and what was recently leaked to media.

In 1973, a case brought to the Supreme Court enabled a law to be passed that gives women the right to her own body: birth control and termination.

Never once in my young adult/early 20s life did I anticipate the right for me, a woman in a country with so much opportunity, to go away for a decision so personal.

Roe V. Wade being overturned will make it criminal for you to have a termination, even if the pregnancy came about by (rape) or (incest). I have had many conversations over the years with people about this topic, many people in support of women having the right to do WHATEVER the F they want with their bodies, and I’ve had conversations with people very anti-choice. I’m fascinated by people anti-women’s choice. It’s not my business to convince you, but it’s not your business to be in support of people making choices for people they’ve never met.

I’ve interviewed health professionals (see video below with my OBGYN about birth control) to educate women about all of the resources, including birth control, available to them. I had an IUD for 7 years before getting it removed, and the idea that a young woman out there won’t have access to that in the near future as she goes through experiences in her teens/20s and so on disgusts me.

I hope this law banning abortions and birth control doesn’t get passed, but having a plan for a future where it is passed is probably smart. I’ve never had a termination, but I’ve been there through thick and thin with friends who have – supporting their choice 10000%.

I can tell you that is one of the most personal and serious decisions a young woman has to make that a man never will understand. No one wishes to be in that situation: there’s this thing called life that happens.

No man should try and even understand any element of that decision.


Educate your siblings, your cousins, and the severity of how this affects women. This isn’t just about abortion: this is about women’s rights being revoked.


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