What’s Up, Florida!

14 October 2016

Hello, Fort Lauderdale. I’m here! What better way to spend my 19th birthday than speaking at Women Empower Expo tomorrow and then spending the night having a blast with my girls in Miami. Sometimes, working on your birthday isn’t always a bad thing.

My panel at Women Empower Expo tomorrow is on social media, and creating a balance. That’s a topic I’ve been speaking on frequently lately, because I’ve witnessed how strong the power of social media is. Kids all the way to adults are having trouble finding a balance and not letting the power of social media completely rule their lives. It’s a tough topic to combat, because social media isn’t something that will ever disappear. If anything, social media continues to rapidly grow and gain power. It’s a great thing we have access to, but it’s also something that we need to train ourselves to learn how to actively handle. No cell phones at the dinner table, please!

My friend, Hannah, drove up from school to spend the weekend with me. We’re staying at the Aqua Hotel, right now, and thanks to Visit Fort Lauderdale, we’ve got an extensive itinerary planned. I’m wishing I wasn’t working, but at least I get to work with access to the beach and the sun.

Now, it’s time for a massage with Zeel at my hotel and then some girls shopping later this afternoon. I couldn’t imagine a better day!

Hope you’re joining me at Women Empower Expo TOMORROW! Tweet me how social media has affected you/continues to affect you all day today, and you may just make it into the presentation tomorrow.



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