28 June 2017

Ooh La La boutique outfit (Just Black skirt & Storia top), Green Tangerine hair + makeup

This past weekend, I headed to Connecticut to shoot the cover photo for the podcast I’m starting with my friend Brenna! We stopped in South Windsor, Connecticut to get our hair and makeup done at the Green Tangerine salon. I’ve always wanted to go into this shop, since I was a kid, so I was thrilled to finally make it in! When her and I get together, it’s literally such a blast. We end up screwing around, laughing, and eating so much. I accidentally broke an entire glass jug of water in the salon which we got on camera and then the video was deleted, which just shows how truly clumsy I am.

 For our podcast cover, we both knew we wanted cupcakes involved because we both have a strong message with loving your body and eating what you want. Of course, we had to get the biggest and most delicious cupcakes ever, which we both proceeded to eat during the photo shoot. The cool thing about us is that we can dress up and get our makeup done, but at the end of the day, we don’t give a f*** about what our body might look like after we eat a cupcake and a burger. Who really cares, anyway? If you love yourself on the outside, that will always show on the outside.

We shot a few outfit looks while in town, and I ended up falling in love with this denim skirt and leather heel look. There is something so perfect about wearing a mini skirt with heels, and as girly as it may be, I have no shame in saying dressing up is actually quite fun. When there is food involved, it’s much more fun. Especially gluten-free salted chocolate cupcakes.

Check out the video below! I’m in St. Louis for the next 24 hours for a TV segment I have tomorrow, and then I’m back in Connecticut for a few days before heading to Boston next week and then London, Ibiza and Dublin! Where should I check out in Dublin/Ibiza!? Any suggestions?



P.S. Check out the podcast I’m on today here! 


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