Trust Building Actions You Should Try When Hiring New Employees

11 January 2024

Hiring new employees is a costly process, no matter the kind of hire you manage to pull off as a result. That’s why you should invest in their wellness, and allow them to build trust within the workplace as soon as possible. 

To do that, you’re going to need to be specific in your actions. Otherwise it can take a while for a new team member to settle in, and you could lose money in the meantime. And no new business owner wants that! Let’s go through some trust building actions that’ll work well within your professional environment. 

Have a Weekly One to One 

In the first couple of months after a new employee comes into your business, have a weekly one to one to make sure they’re feeling good about the job. This is where you can clear a half hour at the end of the week and call them into the office for an informal chat. That’s good for both you and them; you can check in to see how they feel in a low pressure, private environment. That’s something you should never take for granted in the business world

Listen, Don’t Just Dictate

Listening to employees is a crucial part of being a good boss. However, when you’re in the middle of a normal day and you’re delegating left right and center, try not to simply dictate what you want. Ask, listen, and respond in kind. Make sure everyone feels like they’re part of the conversation, and allow a new employee the floor to discuss what they can do. 

This also gives them the chance to voice whether they’re up to the task you’re putting out there. 9 times out of 10 they will be, but always present the offer as a question, rather than telling them what to do. It’s a simple way to show respect in the workplace. 

Use a Digital Portal

If you give your employees the tools to look after themselves, you give them a sign of your trust in their capabilities. That’s why a digital portal that allows for employee self service saves time, energy, and resources. In the long run, that’ll give your employees the chance to be self driven and use their initiative. Plus, if you ever have trouble with deciding the schedule, they will be able to use this portal to tell you when they’re available – that’s much easier than needing to ‘chase up’ and micromanage everyone! 

Encourage the Team as a Whole


While it’s useful to heap praise and encouragement on new employees, you don’t want to alienate your already established team. That’s why you should focus on team spirit, and how a new employee can fit into that, rather than solely on their achievements, skills, and what they can do next. At the very least, a meeting like this needs to be done in your office with the door shut!


Hiring new employees is a transition. Make it smooth with tips like these.


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