Style tips for different body shapes

7 September 2010

Hey ladies! Listen up, I’ve got great style tips for all different body types. No matter if your slim to curvy to wider, there’s always a great way to make yourself look good and unique! First thing before I get to that, do you guys think I should have a twitter? I’m thinking about one for Ms.Fashionista but I don’t really know because I have a blog I talk to you guys on… Also, if any of you have any info about the those youtube videos where girls post vids about what they bought-please comment!

Okay, to the good part. I’ll start with style for curvy girls/woman. This also goes along with if you have a balanced body. Types of garments you would want to wear to really show of yourself but make you seem taller would be:
-Accessories like scarves, jewelry and retro teas that really attract the eye to the upper half of your body, other then the shorter bottom half.
-Pencil skirts or skirts that flair out with a black waistband at the top really accentuate the rest of the body. Flowery prints and animal prints would be a good print to look for.
-Straight jeans and flared jeans always make your legs seem longer. Although, skinny jeans also make your legs look really long, which is a look your going for. It makes the thighs look a lot slimmer if your known for your wider thighs. But make sure to stay with a lighter color instead of a darker,richer color. The bigger the width of the pants would be perfect if you paired it with a nice flat shoe and an oversized shirt tucked into the pants with minimal jewelry (etc. long silver chains, bright pendants).
Slim woman/girls usually have a shorter torso and longer legs, but that’s not always true. You want to stay in the range of dark skinny jeans and bright tops and in the summer rompers and printed skirts with lots of cut-off shorts.
-Accessories like medium-long necklaces and pendants. A layer of silver or gold chains would really bring out the upper half, instead of focusing on the longer bottom. Skinny belts also will really show of the waist.
-Jeans that are bright colored. For instance, red or pink jeans would really show off the slim legs. But you want to make sure you pair them with a shirt that has minimal activity going on if your main focus is really the legs. But be careful to not go with colored jeans if you don’t want the attention on your legs. Stay with a light skinny jean, or oversized ripped jeans. Jeggings are also very in.
-Avoid tight mini skirts, but stay in the range of tulip skirts with a t-shirt tucked in. You can always do something a little fun and do a cool animal print etc.
Lucky you! The hourglass figure is the usual body type, but your extra lucky because you get to flaunt those curves,girl! But make sure to stay away from bulky clothes, they’ll take away the main picture which is your curves.
Accessories- mainly anything, but try to do small pendants and layer them. Don’t do big, long jewelry. Although, if you do-try just one long pendant with a couple of charms. Brightly colored scarves that come above the stomach are perfect.
Jeans- Flare jeans and flat front trousers. Stay away from skinny jeans and stay with wider pants. This will enhance your figure greatly. Although, if you do the high waisted flare jean, tuck in a tighter shirt instead of a baggier one. Stay with pastels instead of neon bright colors.
Shirts- Stay with low-medium low necklines, don’t do high necklines unless you have a smaller bust.
Skirts/dresses-Pencil skirts with a wide belt, wrap dress, wrap skirts, A-line skirts and dresses. Stay away from pleated clothing.
Your style aim is to balance your top half to your bottom half by creating the appearance of a wider upper body. This way, you’ll seem a lot slimmer and taller but still have a great look.
Accessories- every type of necklace and pendent to draw attention to your upper half, but don’t over do it. Make sure not to wear too many necklaces if you have a printed shirt on. You want to keep the focus on really one point.
Shirts- short-sleeved tops, medium to high necklines. Wear lighter colors on your upper half and darker colors on the bottom.
Pants-No tapered pants or open pleats. Wear boot cut or flared bottom trousers-this will help add width to your ankle area instead of your middle area. Also, no trousers with a wide leg. These will make you look a lot wider all the way down to your feet. Straight pants will really show off your legs.
Skirts-A-line skirt will really emphasize curves without making you look too huge. Try darker colored skirts and a lighter top.
I hope these helps all you stylish people out there! I tried to do a section for the top main figures. You can comment if your figure isn’t on here and I’ll definitely get right onto that!


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    ok first: what the heck is a tuplip skirt? and second im slim and i wear miniskirts and they look good….so u cant exactly say that..

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