Spending The Day At AOL

27 April 2018

Hair and makeup by Thomas Taft Salon in SoHo / Photography by Jillian Moffa 

Paige Denim and Rebecca Taylor top

Yesterday was absolutely nuts! I ran around NYC all day with excitement about 1) Friday because of #FearlessFridays and because of the teen empowerment conference I’m planning. I have days where I don’t sleep because I’m so excited about something I’m working on, like this conference. I’ve been to and spoken at a solid amount of conferences over the past years, and I often walk away wishing that the material related just a little more to me. Conferences aren’t tailored for young adults or teenagers, but why aren’t they? I think young people are the ones that need to know as much about adulthood and business as possible, because we totally aren’t taught anything in school relating to business or taxes…am I right or am I right? I’m not saying that everyone needs to go and start a business or skip college, but regardless of what you decide to pursue in life: we all need to learn basic skills like paying taxes and tipping at restaurants. I am envisioning this conference as a full-day event in Manhattan filled with kicka** speakers, food, and SoulCycle classes! If you think you have something fantastic to contribute to this conference, please email me! I’m looking for all walks of life, stories, and interesting people to get involved!

I stopped by the AOL Built by Girls office that’s located around Union Square, and resembles a WeWork office with even better coffee (in my opinion) to be interviewed for their profile series yesterday too! I’m all about comfort, so I ended up wearing jeans and a new top I got on sale at Nordstrom. Thomas Taft Salon in SoHo did my hair & makeup for the shoot- and the stylist was literally the kindest person I’ve ever spoken to. She ended up talking to me for the entire period of time she was doing my hair and makeup about female empowerment and what it means to get out of your comfort zone and do something different with your life! Even if it means trying a new workout class or simply trying a new food: we all deserve the freedom to speak our mind and do what we love.

The Built by Girls interview will be coming out closer to June- stay tuned! Head to the next post to see what I’m doing this week for #FearlessFridays!


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