Skin Tones & the normal!

23 September 2010

Bonjour! ( Figured I’d try a different greeting this time!) How are you all? Well, here’s the post I finally got to about different skin tones. My life’s been so busy recently and I actually have like no homework tonight! First, I wanted to tell all of you about this amazing fashion website. The girl is like 12/13 years old and she’s invited to all the fashions shows and fashion week! It’s So great right!? Well here’s a picture of a pair of the cutest Jessica Simpson silver sandals that my sister gave me. They like wrap all around your foot! I think they’re kinda old…but they were so cheap! $40 maybe? Silver flats from PayLess are so cute. I just bought my two pairs of flats for the year- Cheetah print flats from PayLess ($12) and a pair of black rhinestown flats from Famous Footwear. Brand is Fergilicious by Fergie and they were $40. It was kinda a splurge for me, as it’s kinda expensive. But it’s totally worth it as its the comfiest pair of shoes I’ve ever worn! The next pic is of a plaid Delia’s boyfriend shirt-SO CUTE! This is a must for the fall season and so cheap! $20. Def need to get asap! There’s also a picture of a model at Fashion Week on 09′ at Nanette Lepore’s runway show. Personally, I love Nanette Lepore and actually have met her which is really cool. But this outfit is so cute! Maybe I’ll look for an outfit like this one?

Okay here’s the skin tone part of the post. First, you need to determine your skin tone. Most people can be divided into “seasons”. Like winter skin complexions have blue or pink undertones. Generally brunettes with deeply colored eyes. A good example would be Rihanna. Summer complexions are like winter- with a blue or pink undertone. Skin is usually pink or pale. Usually blondes or brunettes with pale eyes. Autumn complexions have golden undertones. Usually redheads or brunettes with golden brown eyes. Lastly, spring complexions. That’s a golden undertone and usually creamy white or peach. People that usually have strawberry like hair, freckles, blue or green eyes and rosy cheeks. If you don’t fall under any of these categories, that’s fine too! It’s good to be individual and unique but just try to fit yourself into one of the closest categories to you.


1. “Winter”: Winters should wear colors that are sharp, stark and clear. White, black, navy blue, red and shocking pink all go well with winter complexions. For lighter colors, wear icy tones rather than pastels. Avoid subdued tones like beige, orange and gold.
2. “Summer”: Summers should choose pastels and soft neutrals with rose and blue undertones. Lavender, plum, rose-brown and soft blue suit summers well while black and orange do not.
3.“Autumn”: Autumns should select colors with golden undertones, like camel, beige, orange, gold and dark brown. Avoid colors with blue tones, like navy.
4. “Spring”: Springs can wear warm colors like camel, peach, golden yellow and golden brown. Avoid dark, dull colors.
*Yes, I did get this info from a website- but I read it all over and its totally true!* But even though it may say avoid, for instance, the color pink if you fall under the “spring” category, that doesn’t necessarily apply to you! Don’t think that just because I say that it means you have to change your whole wardrobe or something.
P.S. My next post will have pics with edgy/sporty looks- promise this time no more cancelations about going to the mall! It will also have a post about fall style in Rome and Paris. Hopefully a new post in a little while about bags and shoes! Stay around!



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    Hey cutie totally found your blog by random when I searched up military vintage, your blog is amazing, totally looking forward to your future posts!

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