(Forever 21 ripped cargos, Miley Cyrus&Max Azria t-shirt, Abercrombie safari jacket, Leopard flats)
This is an outfit I particularly like. I had worn the pants before without the jacket and with a plain grey v-neck. It just depends on the weather outside mostly. I also like pairing very busy pants with a busy pair of shoes. Although, you don’t want to start getting to messy. Also notice that I don’t have any necklaces or bracelets on which makes you focus right on the pants, which is the main sight.
Of course, military is very in. I tried this on with my leather jacket but the outfit was a little too much for me, personally. If you’re looking to go edgy/rocker look pair it with the leather jacket! Its cute for a kinda biker look, especially if you have bright shoes or a bright purse.
If you don’t have a bright pair of flats or leopard like flats, you can go with a plain black flat. Tory Burch is always cute because of the nice little “icon” on the front, but all shoe stores have a black flat. If you don’t have a black/leopard/silver flat, go get a pair now!
P.S. Have any of you online shopped? Well…it’s amazing! Its the best hobby when you’re at home, sick! Stores have so much more online then in the stores, especially sale wise. For instance, Forever 21 has very good sales on jeans,skirts,accessories and shirts online. Even though some of the stuff is out of season, you can stock up for next year. is also a great site for a little higher class type clothing. Its good priced too if your going for shoes/shirts. But always be careful if you’re buying online to look at the return policy. If you were to get jeans, which I believe is the hardest buying online, you probably want to buy jeans with a brand you know about, just for sizing reasons. A normal return policy is around 30 days, or 21 for Forever 21. But you’re always going to lose money buying online because if you want to return you won’t get the amount back you paid for shipping. You’ll just get the item price back. So, make sure you’re fully sure you want to buy the item and will love it forever!
Love, forever&always,

Lauren Conrad – A Fashion Genius


I am obsessed with Lauren Conrad. Not in the freaky stalker way though. She is such an amazing style icon. I just bought her new book all about fashion. It’s great reading something about such a fashion genius. She explains everything from her perfect black heels (Louboutins, of course!) to the sophisticated black dress. She also explains about hair, makeup, jewelry, essential pieces, bags, tailoring and much more.
Lauren always puts together the best outfits. I love when she puts together the outfit that consists of dark blue or black skinnies, black heels, and a button down. She also accessorizes great, usually with a light beaded necklace or layering different chains. Most of the outfits are ones that you, at home, can put together. Like the dark skinnies with the button down and bright flats/heels. If you wanted a little bit extra, you could add a chunky knit sweater or the necklace layering. But you have to be careful when you layer necklaces. As you see in the picture, you want to prevent tangling. So, you want to go with a short necklace and work your way up to longer necklaces.
Love, forever&always,

leather all the way

Victoria Justice has such chic clothing. I absolutely adore her outfit right here. It’s perfect for a day running errands or an outing to the mall. To glam the outfit up a little more you could add a nice bedazzled headband or even a long beaded necklace. You could also exchange the heeled booties shown for something a little more practical, like a light knee high boot.

The knee high boots and leather jacket are a must have for fall. All the celebs are wearing them, and they are shown on almost all the runway shows. The great thing about the leather jacket is that you can find a faux one for so much cheaper then a real, but they still look the same. I mentioned in another post about one I found at a vintage store for $70, but you wouldn’t even guess it was faux leather. Lastly, the red leather jacket at the top is very in style. It doesn’t matter what color it is, but going a little out there then the normal brown/black jacket is very cool. I love that you could pair a bright red jacket with a plain black dress and have a complete outfit. Stay fashionable!
Love, forever&always,

on the streets; runway


(Marc Jacobs, Rodarte)
Knee boots are very in right now. I think they’re so cute if you pair them with the right clothing article, you know? Like with dark skinnies or a “little black dress.”
I saw a pair of really nice knee high boots the other day on my friend.
I believe they were either from Kohl’s or Justice (the other Limited Too).
They were a light grey suede.
Love, forever&always,
P.S. Something is wrong with the spacing on my computer. As you can see.


Steve Madden Fringe Heels

Delia’s shirt, sweater and chords
Steve Madden heels
Cracker Barrel awesome glasses

Yes, those flying objects in the air are pinecones
P.S. As you know I’m home sick for the day, so maybe I’ll get some “research” in? Possibly.
Love, forever&always,

chunky knits

American Eagle Leopard print flats, Talbots leopard flats

Everything from Delia’s

Boots from Bob’s

Hey guys! Haven’t posted in a while, sorry I’ve been really busy. Here’s a couple pictures of my new fall outfit, all from Delia’s. I literally had so many different gift cards and stuff to there which got me this outfit for really cheap. But Delia’s is doing this new thing where if you spend $50 you get a free $25 and a free one year subscription to Teen Vogue. How fun!

So, I’m also home sick. It kinda stinks because I’ve been watching Jerseylicious and Guiliana&Bill for legit the whole weekend. I also have tons of homework, but for now we’ll forget about that and look at my moms genius picture taking skills.
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Agh! Halloween is in 1 day!! One of my fav holidays, ever! I thought I would just do a random post on halloween….just because its awesome! I am, yes, being Lady Gaga. I hear her and Snooki are two of the most wanted costumes this year, and this is my costume!

I also saw these amazing ruby red heels at Walmart actually for an amazing price. My mom said she wanted to buy them not even for halloween!
P.S. Well, we’ll figure out the next post.
Love, forever&always,