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14 November 2016

Boohoo sneakers, Zara top, Express bra, AG Jeans, Chanel bag (c/o my lovely sister) 

Happy MONDAY! How are you guys? I woke up this morning feeling like a new person. My sister was visiting from Turkey last week, and she’s pregnant, which means she wakes up every four hours having to go to the bathroom. Which translates to me waking up every four hours and rolling my eyes about my lack of sleep. But for the past two nights since she left, I’ve gotten 9 hours plus of restful beauty sleep. OH YEA!

I started watching Shameless recently, and I’m absolutely hooked on the Netflix show. Something about the mix between the show being somewhat relatable yet not relatable at all is insanely appealing. If you haven’t watched Shameless, go watch episode 1 now and be prepared to finish the entire season within three days.

The thing about the show is it makes you realize your life isn’t actually thatttt bad. Like yes, Shameless is a TV show, but parts in it may be relatable to a lot of people. Raising five kids on your own while your dad drinks himself to death and your mom has a manic episode every 30 seconds is slightly devastating to think about. The main character, Fiona, doesn’t ever seem to be truly happy. I mean, who can blame her; her life literally sucks. But seeing someone (even a TV character) wake up everyday never truly content or happy with their life makes me sad.

P.S. I never put this much thought into a show. That’s how you know Shameless is seriously that damn good.

How often do you wake up happy with your life? Or feeling inspired or motivated? If you don’t wake up 5/7 days of the week feeling like you want to keep pushing for what you believe in, I strongly think you need to change a few factors in your life. Maybe it’s time you pick up a new hobby, or a new workout, or a new boyfriend/girlfriend…regardless of what you need to change, remember we’re all going to die. Life is way too short to not wake up every single day feeling like you can change the world. Jot down what you want to achieve today, this week, or this year, and make it happen.

No regrets, and no time to waste trying to create an excuse to stop yourself from doing what you love.



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