#NYFW Outtakes

19 September 2016

The cool thing about Fashion Week is it’s one of the rare time during the year where I’m surrounded by completely daring and creative individuals. As much as I hate dressing up and standing at a fashion show, I love people watching, seeing what terribly awful (or insanely cool) clothing will come down the runway, and who designed it.

This season, I kept it pretty chill, heading to more parties than shows, and making sure to bring as many friends as possible. I’m probably the worst show goer around, but hey, everything I do makes for a cool Snapchat video..

A friend of mine brought down a few friends to the city, and they ended up renting a sick Airbnb in the West Village that happened to be owned by a few musicians and producers. I’m super into music (fun fact) even though I can’t sing or produce, so I love being around musical people. We decided to spend the night at the Airbnb, chilling in the studio, leaving for a few minutes to head to the Jeremy Scott afterparty, and then going back to hang out until early hours of the AM.

One of my best friends, Andrew, came into town for fashion week, so he was snapping pics the entire time. I like pictures that are totally authentic, sometimes people are looking at the camera and sometimes no one is, you know? Those make for the sickest photoshoots.

Make sure to check out my latest YouTube video HERE! And, happy Monday!



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