2 Hours to Prep for National TV

1 May 2017

Last week was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I basically did a full media tour in two cities, which was absolutely unexpected. The cool part about life is that you never know what to expect, and last week was one of those weeks!

I had a cute outfit from Banana Republic anxiously awaiting the perfect time to be worn (that I got for less than $50) that I threw on before we began filming. I frequently talk about how what you see on the web isn’t always a perfect example of what real life is like, and I hope that these BTS videos show a little bit of reality. It’s rare that you’re given more than one day to prep for a segment, and occasionally, you get booked one hour before! Since starting my blog at 12, I’ve realized that most of my job is about staying calm, collected, and together. I’ve had my fair amount of freak moments, which can be both good and bad, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. Yes, I get to go on TV and talk about what I’m passionate about, but it’s still work. Nothing ever goes straightforward. Segments that you may put hours or weeks into get cut, articles get rejected, and your feelings are rarely taken into account. I always try and preach to young adults (who ask me about starting a blog) how important it is to have a tough skin. Being in any industry where rejection is part of the process will force you to become so confident and proud of who you are, regardless of what other people say.

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