Episode 39: Izabella Sevin, My Mentor

September 5, 2018

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I’ve always been fascinated by mentors & how people meet their mentors. When I started traveling and making money from my blog, my parents told me to get a mentor because they thought a mentor would help me overcome some obstacles in business easier than I’d overcome them on my own. I’d go to conferences and approach people both¬†entrepreneurs and not and ask them if they’d consider being my mentor (I think I was a little forward sometimes…) but when I’d follow up, I’d never really get a solid response from anyone. So I continued my journey with the hopes that one day I’d meet someone who would be able to advise me in business & my real life…

Through a Craigslist ad that I posted earlier this year looking for graphic design help, I met Izabella. It was totally out of the blue, and when I initially met her I didn’t expect for her to be come my mentor at all. Now she’s become a key player in my life, and her life experiences and past is quite similar to mine so we connect for a ton of different reasons.

I see now why so many people seek a mentor in their life, and I see the value in a mentor now. Episode 39 introduces Iz to you guys and will hopefully give you some advice when it comes to finding your own mentor!

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