My Journey with Exercise

30 April 2018

Before you freak out, I totally didn’t come from the gym or walk into the gym in makeup. I’m dressed up above because I had a different shoot and wanted to do a fun shoot with SoulCycle clothing afterwards! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that SoulCycle (the incredibly fancy boutique spin studio, now owned by Equinox) gives me 8-10 classes every month to go in and spin. I first tried SoulCycle years ago when I was living in the Financial District in Manhattan: there happened to be a studio right across from my apartment. At the time, I had no money, so I couldn’t afford a $34 spin class. But some time ago, SoulCycle used to give riders their first class free…so I’d make different accounts and try out classes all around town! I’ve watched boutique fitness blow up over the past 5 years, with everyone from middle-aged moms to college students (and some kids) taking part in barre, spin and boxing classes.

Sure, SoulCycle is known for being the spin studio that Justin Bieber and Kelly Ripa frequent. It’s the place you might just meet your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even try out a shampoo/conditioner that you can’t afford to keep in your apartment. I’ve gone to studios in pretty much every city in this country, and I have to say, SoulCycle makes exercising fun. I’ve battled with my body for my entire life: hating one part and liking another. I think it’s human nature for females and males to constantly want to change their body in some degree. That’s why young people turn to crash diets, unhealthy protein bars and overexercising to make up for the anxiety and stress. I sure did.

The different between a brand like SoulCycle and your average 24 Hour Fitness is that SoulCycle is a brand: they know how to get you in the door, in the mood, and out of the door after a 45-minute class feeling like a new version of yourself. I don’t find their classes to be harder than a boxing or a running class, but I love going to my weekly SoulCycle class at my local West Hollywood studio and banging it out on the bike for the SoulSurvivor (1-hour) class. I really like this one instructor named Love, and her playlists are worth the $34 class (if you’re paying).

You only have this one life: you’re allowed to indulge in workout classes, nice meals or an occasional facial if you think it’ll improve your mental health. Why not!?


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