Lauren Conrad – A Fashion Genius

11 November 2010


I am obsessed with Lauren Conrad. Not in the freaky stalker way though. She is such an amazing style icon. I just bought her new book all about fashion. It’s great reading something about such a fashion genius. She explains everything from her perfect black heels (Louboutins, of course!) to the sophisticated black dress. She also explains about hair, makeup, jewelry, essential pieces, bags, tailoring and much more.
Lauren always puts together the best outfits. I love when she puts together the outfit that consists of dark blue or black skinnies, black heels, and a button down. She also accessorizes great, usually with a light beaded necklace or layering different chains. Most of the outfits are ones that you, at home, can put together. Like the dark skinnies with the button down and bright flats/heels. If you wanted a little bit extra, you could add a chunky knit sweater or the necklace layering. But you have to be careful when you layer necklaces. As you see in the picture, you want to prevent tangling. So, you want to go with a short necklace and work your way up to longer necklaces.
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