Are VS Angels Good Role Models?

13 November 2017


A recap of my KTLA segment + time hanging with this beauty on set a few weeks ago just went up in a new video. #SexEdForTeens is back on FRIDAY, and we’ve got some awesome content coming up. I’m talking about STD’s, finding the right girl/guy for you, dating in 2017 and more. This is Life Unfiltered has been getting some really awesome comments as well, ranging from guests people want to hear on to topics people want us to talk about.  I’m quite excited for the episode I’ll be filming this week on how I got myself sponsored by British Airways at age 16.  People always think I’m joking when I tell them British Airways has been sponsoring me since I was a kid, but I’m not lying. That was the best pitch email I’ve ever written, too! Hopefully, we’ll have a guest locked in for the sponsorship episode because I think it would be incredibly valuable to have a social media star talk about another experience landing sponsorships and gigs.

I realized that I didn’t edit out the part of the video where I mention how I thought Alessandra was underweight, if you watch until the end of my new video. I almost went and deleted the video, and then I realized that you guys follow my work (hopefully along with other reasons) to see the real side of this industry AND who I am.  I’m not afraid to say that I think people would be healthier with a few more pounds on them. It’s not my business, nor do I get affected by the way other people look, but I do find it concerning that so many young girls look up to celebrities who talk openly about what they do to make their bodies look a certain way. VS models in particular are incredibly vocal about what they do to maintain their tiny figures before the annual runway show in December. If you’re a parent reading this, do you let your children watch the anticipated fashion show? What do you think about Victoria Secret models and are they really role models?

Episode 5 of This is Life Unfiltered will be up on WEDNESDAY at 4 AM PST (I’m getting quite exhausted waking up every Wednesday at 3:50 AM) and 7 AM EST. Don’t forget to subscribe + write a review- I read through ALL of them!




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