Fearless Fridays: TRYING IV THERAPY!

4 January 2019

Anyone who has known me since I was a child knows that I’m deathly afraid of needles. I’ve never been someone interested in plastic surgery or even any surgery for that matter (besides my breast reduction that took me over 1 year to make a final decision on). Needles freak me OUT. Blood freaks me OUT. My mom is a nurse and my best friend is going into the medical industry and I constantly wonder how they can be so used to the site of blood yet I literally fall on the ground, bruise my knee and convince myself I’m going to die. My severe fear of death and blood has gotten better as I’ve gotten older but I definitely hate pain and any doctors office.

I’ve seen IV therapy places popping up everywhere: you can literally hire a doctor to come into your home and pump you with vitamins and electrolytes, or you can walk into an IV therapy “bar” (like any office) and spend an afternoon with an IV in you while you drink fancy water and read magazines. Similar to cryotherapy, keto diet and SoulCycle, I was skeptical about IV therapy because of my hate towards needles and also my lack of interest in spending $200 to hydrate my body. So I contacted The Fix IV in West Hartford, CT to see if they’d have us in to make our own decision on whether it’s worth the hype.

 I won’t tell you too much in this blog post but if you watch the full video above you can decide for yourself whether or not you’d spend $200 for 1 hour in a really comfortable setting with an IV bag in you. However, I definitely walked away feeling more comfortable with the idea of needles and having to get my wisdom teeth taken out in February. Once you have an IV put in, nothing seems that bad!

Thanks to The Fix in West Hartford for having us in!


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