My 20th Birthday!

17 October 2017

Topshop boots, ASOS sweater, Forever 21 shorts

I turned 20 on Sunday! I feel like I’ve been waiting to be in my 20s for forever, and at the same time, it totally freaks me out to think I’m 20. I don’t want to get old! But who does, right?

I flew home on Saturday to spend my birthday at home with my parents and boyfriend. I hate super short trips because I never feel like I have enough time to actually enjoy being home, it’s almost like another work trip. This time, I took almost the entire weekend off of social media, which was a breath of fresh air. My boyfriend surprised me and took me to one of my favorite hotels on the water in Connecticut, and we got to watch the sunrise over the beautiful balcony of our room. Whenever I take time off of social media, I still find myself wanting to take pictures and be on my phone. I’m learning that it’s totally OKAY to not take pictures of my every move. Just because you don’t have a picture of an event, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Let’s take the attention away from technology and bring it back to being in the moment, ya know.

After my KTLA segment last week, I wanted to take some pictures in my hot pink Topshop boots. When I was in London for Fashion Week, I saw someone wearing them, and I knew I needed them. I literally fell in love with the boots. I ordered them online, and had no clue what to wear with them until I did some online research…since they are a statement piece, I wanted to wear something less flashy on top. ASOS offers an incredible selection of clothing online, and I’m never disappointed with what I order from them. I chose the light pink sunglasses ($10!!) and the white cutout sweater to pair with the pink boots.

Baby, it feels goood to be back in LA.





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