A Stop Along the Way: Hillside Farmacy, Austin



Freshest beet salad on the patio.
Light and fluffy grapefruit cake, I should have started with this as my appetizer!


Corn, baby potatoes, steak and herb butter. A miracle.


Good morning, Friday! I arrived very late last night to my little home in CT, from an intense but exciting few weeks away. From CT-NY-LA-Texas-Boston-CT, I can say the past days have been quite incredible. There are many exciting posts coming up from my adventures- can’t wait for you to see!
Austin, Texas is one of the coolest places I have ever visited. If you have never been, it is time you take a trip to Texas. I went to Houston straight from LA, and then drove from Houston to Austin thanks to a great car rental from Hotwire (of course, my parents drove) and stayed at the Lone Star Court. You will hear more in depth about the hotels I stayed at and where I went in future posts, but for now let’s get to the food!
On my last night in Austin, Cynthia’s Manhattan Limo, a local Texas based car service with a Manhattan flare (this woman has got everything) picked my parents and I up and took us from the hotel into downtown Austin for dinner. Hillside Farmacy invited us in for dinner to try out their impeccable and fresh menu (everything in Austin is as local and fresh as possible, making every meal melt in your mouth). I absolutely died over their ginger fizzy drink, which is refreshing on a humid night. 
Excited to get a feel for what Hillside had to offer, I ordered a few appetizers: the beet and grapefruit salad, since beet salads stand out to me on any menu, as well as their fresh meat + cheese plate (would have preferred more meat and less pate, chicken liver freaks me out) and mussels, which were equally as delicious as my fizzy drink. My dad ordered the steak and potatoes (he still can’t get away from his Northeastern self even on vacation) which was some of the best steak I’ve ever eaten, almost as good as Delmonico’s, with crisp and tender potatoes. I was surprised the option on the menu listed “steak and baby potatoes” instead of steak and frites, which is much more common, yet I was impressed with the updated and trendiness that came from listing potatoes instead of fries. 
My meal was the market fish which came with couscous and a delectable sauce, one that is still stuck in my mouth it was that good, and I ate every bite. I would have preferred the couscous to be a bit more flavorful, though the fish was just so good and perfectly seared I’m not complaining.
And for dessert…my favorite part…I ordered basically every item on the menu (casual) which included homemade tiramisu, HOLY CRAP this was the best food to ever hit my mouth- the homemade cream was absolutely insane. Best dessert by far from every single city I’ve ever traveled to. The vegan chocolate cake was, just, vegan. The local grass-fed chocolate ice cream was to die for. I ate ice cream every day since Austin is known for its local, grass-fed cuisine, and I had to support the locals….
If you head to Austin, make sure to stop by Hillside. You won’t be disappointed. 
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