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Warby Parker’s latest collection


Warby Parker’s latest collection
Wearing glasses and contacts has been a true struggle my entire life. I’m sitting at my desk right now writing this post, with my Warby Parker glasses on (they came in the mail the other day) and my contacts out. If you ask anyone who has to wear contacts/glasses if they like either, their answer will most definitely be no. For one, contacts require you to touch your eyes (ew, grosssssss) and glasses are big, bulky, make you nerdier than you probably already are, and uncomfortable. BUT, since they are a necessity, I’ve found a few different ways to deal with glasses, and actually enjoy wearing them. Bonlook is another one of my favorite sites to shop from for trendy eyewear- I love the variety they offer!

Warby Parker is one of my favorite glasses brands- most pairs are $95 (compared to the retail $200+ at many eyeglass stores) and with several stylish frames to choose from, they will have you looking glam in no time. Their Soho store is a super fun and exciting experience if you have the chance to step in- the staff are enthusiastic and helpful, and I could spend all day in the store browsing through glasses, trying on each and every pair to see which makes me seem the least bit nerdy (or most nerdy, if I’m feeling especially unintelligent that day.) 
The fun thing about glasses is that you don’t have to need them to wear them. Remember when celebs started going out in clear black frames just for the heck of it? Don’t be afraid to throw on a simple schoolgirl style dress of pair of trousers with a simple black or white frame- you never know how much smarter they could make you. 
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