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31 January 2014
Untitled #80


Untitled #80 by alifeinthefashionlane featuring Yves Saint LaurentEven though significantly above my teenage spending allowance (which is nothing) this Alice + Olivia frock would be the perfect addition to my London wardrobe, especially since I will be there over Valentine’s Day! With a pair of red studded Valentino heels (sharp enough to ward off any boy that isn’t appealing to you) you have a complete outfit, for the hefty price tag of $1000+.

TRY: Buy a pair of red heels from Charlotte Russe/Forever 21, some studs from your local art store, and stud them yourself! Look up a DIY stud tutorial online. 

Untitled #79


Untitled #79 by alifeinthefashionlane featuring gold earringsMany people know how European fashion involves lots of black. Since I’ve mentioned before how black isn’t my thing, I’m looking forward to experimenting with the color overseas. Whether I’m running late to a show, or need a quick outfit before jumping on a plane, this is my go-to comfortable yet stylish look.

TRY: Buy a parka from H&M, and throw on a black leather jacket underneath (from Asos) to complete the look.

I’m leaving for London in t-minus 2 weeks. I’m still somewhat in shock over this, suggesting back in December I was sitting on my couch brainstorming and concocting several proposals to present to my parents on how important this trip will be for my career (and also for my taste buds and memories, duh!) Along with travel (which is happening a significant amount for me this month) comes with endless nights of staying awake in my bed thinking of what I need to do/pack/and potentially eat for breakfast tomorrow morning, before the day I leave arrives.   
Since this is my first international fashion week, I’m not sure what to expect fashion wise at the shows. The last time I traveled to London was over 5 years ago for a family wedding, and 5 years ago means I was at the peak of my awkward phase and phase of dressing like a boy/confused girl. Happy to say my fashion has changed drastically since circa 2000.
Have you been out of the country before? What is London fashion like!? Are these outfits above going to have street style photographers laughing at me!? Do you see why I don’t sleep at night!?
Miss Fashionista

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