Coffee Shop Candid- Andrea Bocchio

26 January 2014

Happy Sunday! Are you up already, or spending the day lazily in bed? I’ve been working on a project lately that has had me up at all hours of the night, aimlessly working to publish my new YouTube channel that I am so so excited for you to see. 

Coffee Shop Candid tells the tale of inspiring young adults, entrepreneurs, and business people who have taken a nontraditional route to follow their passions/aspirations, Come along for the ride while we chronicle the stories people who follow their dreams encounter, and everything in between.

I’m excited for you to tune in and watch these videos, because a) the people I interview are pretty freakin’ rad, and b) this is a way for you to be inspired by other people who have followed the same path as you. Whether you have started your own business, dropped out of school, moved away from home, etc, we all are going down the same path: one that is nontraditional. Even people that haven’t opted for a different path will love these videos. If you’re having a down day, come and watch a few videos, and turn that down day into a day that is as good and productive as any other. 

Expect to see everyone from fashion designers to PR girls to college students, and even a few photographers on the show! If you know anyone in the tri-state area with a big passion and an even bigger heart, email me, because I’d love to come interview YOU! 

P.S. This is my first time (literally) ever filming/editing a video- don’t hate. They won’t all be this miserably edited 😉 Check back every week for new videos on the channel!

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