A Stop Along the Way: Nourish Kitchen + Table, West Village

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Nourish has many diet-friendly foods, and the desserts are healthy for you. Avocado toast is a special, as well as their delicious and crusty sandwiches.



Green juices for those on a health kick- stop in and pick up a cashew nut milk juice and a gluten-free macaroon to go 😉


A. Tell me what motivated you to begin Nourish.
M. I wanted to bridge the gap between healthy eating and really amazing, delicious food.  I’ve been a nutritionist for over 9 years and wanted to create a physical space that embodied all the conversations I was having with clients about food and “eating well.”
A. For people that can’t afford spending the added price on organic food vs. just regular produce, what advice would you give?
M. Purchase the best quality ingredients you can, that doesn’t necessarily mean organic or shopping at gourmet shops.  Often times, simple, local, seasonal produce is far cheaper and the nutrient value is much greater because the food has been produced close to home and was picked or harvested a peak nutrient value.  When you aim to eat seasonally, the flavor is always so much better too.  Think about strawberries in January v. June, major difference!  And those same strawberries will cost you half the price when they’re in season in the summertime.
A. What are you long-term goals for the restaurant?
M. To help it evolve into a mainstay in the neighborhood and beyond.  Giving back to the community, specifically targeting healthy eating habits, by being involved in various charity projects and working with local schools.  Potentially expanding into a larger space or a second location.
A. When you first began Nourish, where did you expect to be now? Have your expectations succeeded what you expected?
M. My expectations are fairly on track, though there are always things you can’t plan for.  I had no idea we’d be doing as much catering as we currently are.  It’s an exciting arm of Nourish’s business that we look forward to growing in the coming years.


A.  What is your fondest memory of the restaurant so far?


M. Hmm…tough one.  I think being in the space just before we opened and seeing how all of my vision and attention to the tiniest detail had really come together.  It’s been something I’ve been working on for years and it was pretty humbling to see it come to fruition with an amazing support system of friends, family and my construction team.


A. Who comes up with the extensive amount of food options at the restaurant?


M. Initially, the menu came mostly from me, and I still guide the overall direction we go in and how things are displayed, the mix of dishes etc.  As we’ve grown, everyone plays a part in crafting certain ideas and things to put on our menu, which changes frequently and seasonally.  Our baristas often dream up amazing seasonal lattes and other drinks, while our fantastic chef, Mindy Ramirez, might throw in one of her stellar soups or specials into the mix.  It’s definitely a collaborative process based on what’s inspiring each of us at the moment.


A. What is your favorite item on the menu?


M. That’s like choosing between your favorite child!  I’d have to nostalgically say the seasonal fruit kuchen, or the coconut macaroons, which are both based on my grandmother’s recipes.  She was a big inspiration to me and it’s nice to know she’s looking over Nourish in some way each and every day.




I was told to try the tricolor salad by the man at the counter, but it isn’t something I would necessarily recommend trying. The kale salad is much heartier and tastier, yet light and refreshing. I loved the roast chicken, because it was sweet yet subtle.


The wooden tables reminded me of being back home in CT, back in the country!



I’ve been looking for a “coffee” shop/hangout that mixes both almond milk lattes, healthy, affordable cuisine, and a fresh green juice, for quite some time now. After hearing lots from colleagues and friends about a new West Village hangout spot called Nourish Kitchen + Table, I couldn’t resist stopping in for lunch with Anna, my dear friend and designer of Oscar and Anna! We got the scoop on the trendiest kitchen in town. 
 Nourish is a (small) but bright and airy entryway into a calming and collected scene. Wooden tables and a counter to sit at fill the space, with a large glass window filled with an endless amount of options. I would describe it earthy and “organic.” The counter is the first stop, with lots of healthy and natural entrees and side dishes for you to take out, or eat in. This is definitely the new Whole Foods in town. Nourish features their specials of the day on their Facebook page (which is the best way to see if your favorite items have made the daily menu) but part of the excitement of choosing is not knowing what to expect.
Choosing just one dish is difficult (it is suggested to choose a few and share, or be like me and choose all of them for myself). Anna and I decided to go with the roasted vegetables with a green sauce, bean soup with homemade crusty croutons, date glazed chicken, butternut squash tart, and a few different salads. My taste buds died for the rich and succulent butternut squash tart, with a low-gluten crust, suitable for those who have a gluten intolerance. I also liked the chicken, because it is served in a way that is easy enough to pick up with your hands and eat, or use your knife and fork (like a lady, can you guess which method I chose.) All the food is created in front of your eyes (literally, you can sit at the counter and watch them cook food to put in the display case) so everything is fresher than fresh. 
I had the opportunity to meet the incredible owner as well, who was inspiring yet confident: opening up a restaurant in NYC is a competitive industry, but I have a feeling this place will be in business for a while. Nourish aims to be a hip hotspot, as well as a place to go to on a cold windy day, when sitting in your bed just isn’t an option. 
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