New Years

27 December 2013
With all this hype about NYE, I can’t stress any more about what to wear! This year, I’ll be live from NYC (eek!) which is so exciting. My first time in the city on the day of a major milestone.  Since this time I’ll be live at the ball drop instead of sitting comfortably in my house watching the drop from my TV (all while in PJS, can’t say I’m not going to miss that) a fashionable, chic and warm outfit has to be chosen. Are you traveling anywhere on December 31st? What are your New Years goals? 
Untitled #74
As the New Year approaches, the opportunity to really show who you are for a new year comes about. I’m not much of a person to be caught in tons of black, but I happen to love this look. It mixes classy with feminine and grudge, and just about everything in between. The tuxedo jacket can be worn in a BF style or fitted, depending on whether you’re looking for that off-duty, sexy vibe.


Untitled #75
I adore this look because something about that dress and shoes screams magic. If you’re planning on attending a ball or having someone super special appear at your doorstep as your date, this outfit will have that cuties eyes on you all night.
P.S. Have you ever rented clothing from a company like Rent The Runway? I’m considering renting for NYE, any advice would be appreciated! 
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