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I always enjoy posting some of my recent shots from Instagram on my blog, because most of the time I don’t have enough typing space on social media to share all my thoughts regarding a picture! 
Still a bit in shock over the fact that in less than 2 months I am heading to London for 10 days, including Fashion Week! My schedule is getting pretty busy, but I am so ready to be your go-to source for my first international FW!
Saw this quote on Pinterest and I couldn’t help but post it. Every word is inspiring, and life is too short to waste time thinking about what could happen or what has happened. Focus on the present, and nothing else. 


Christmas morning I made gluten-free vegan baked oatmeal, a paleo fritatta and paleo fruit bread! Delicious 😉 


More Christmas treats: raw vegan truffles and paleo gingerbread with coconut ice cream + whipped topping. 


Warming Pinterest inspiration. 


Since I’ve been home most Sundays for the past few months, I’ve been riding at the barn quite often. Every Sunday morning I wake up so excited to head to the barn, all bundled up, and go out for a relaxing ride. 


Heading to NYC for NYE on Tuesday! I purchased my look last night- can’t wait to show you! 


A beautiful winter scene out in the country after a day of shooting a week ago. Who knew a deserted road could transform into a picturesque scene from a movie?



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