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18 October 2013
Untitled #68
A classic and timeless look that is for someone looking to dress up for brunch. The pants and sweater are both geometric patterns and remain in the same color palette, so are a great option for a confident girl. The old fashioned watch and earrings give a vintage glam hint to the outfit. 


Untitled #67


This is probably the outfit I would wear weekend after weekend for brunch. A structured bag is key when you’re running late and need a bag that will match whatever you’re wearing, while the boots are cutting edge and fashion forward. Plus, cords keep you super warm in the winter and don’t take much thought about what to wear on top. Throw a leather jacket on top of a knitted sweater for an extra layer. 


Definitely an outfit for a daring girl, this one is retro inspired and brings in a classic plaid print that is both juvenile and innocent, but edgy with the hat and boots. Depending on your mood, you can wear a pair of black oxfords with the dress or a pair of black leather boots, and still be fashionable. Another structured bag with a hint of gold is sexy and matches the basic color of the dress. 
As you know, I’m a big fan of brunch. I don’t know if it’s because I love food (??) or because I love the social aspect of going out with wonderful people on a blissful Sunday morning and indulging in pancakes, french toast, rich local maple syrup…or if you’re cooking at home, the smell of beautiful herbs and scents making the kitchen smell heavenly. The only problem with going out to brunch on Sunday is, of course, what do you wear? If it’s a “morning after” kind of Sunday, you’ll probably be trying to hide your eyes with a pair of big black round sunglasses, and a chunky sweater with boots and cords might be the way to go. If you’re looking to dress up, then a knitted dress with boots and tights is effortless yet Sunday appropriate. Either way, don’t let the stress of having “no clothes” affect your participation in such a lovely and stress-free outing. 

Black is a classic color that is prominent throughout each of the outfits, and even though I’m the person to try and steer away from black, something about wearing black in the winter is too essential to ignore. Black jeans, boots, and a sweater is my go-to look, as long as I throw in a colored bag just so I don’t appear too “goth” for some.  

Have a great weekend 🙂 
Miss Fashionista

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