Confidence is Key

29 August 2013
Untitled #63


A perfect option for a major girly girl. Slightly off-duty and cool, but refined and
outgoing. The mix of subtle and bright colors aren’t too intimidating, but will make
you feel more than confident in what you’re rocking.

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Does a confident girl really need a speech on what to wear? This is the outfit for you!
Quite edgy and bold, with a few subtle accessories that don’t distract from the major
vocal point of the dress but add in to a great look. Wear this with a side braid or a high
pony for the ultimate edge.

Untitled #61

This is my first day of school go-to look every year. A classic pair of high-waisted
shorts to show of your bangin’ legs, a simple white v-neck and a few simple accessories
that make the look both edgy and intimidating but attractive and sexy. Anything with
studs is bound to have people looking at you!
Whether you’re going back to school today, tomorrow, or next week,
staying confident is key. The amount of times I walked through the 
front door of my school with butterflies in my stomach and a new 
world of nerves is actually too many too count, and boy, I so wish that
the nerves had disappeared and my confidence had shown through. 
Being confident comes a lot through what you wear and how you present
yourself. Put on some bold makeup, a slash of red lipstick, and your 
favorite outfit with favorite pair of boots, and hit the road, for an incredibly
awesome school year made possible only by yourself. 

There are a few go-to stores for me like Repertoire Fashion and Bonlook
that give the best deals for the most money spent. Since most of us are 
staying in a strict budget, finding online stores and portals to give us rewards
and money back takes the pressure of your wallet and gives you the opportunity
to shine! 
Tell me: what is your go-to look for the first day of school that makes you 
feel sexy and cool? 
Miss Fashionista

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