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Fresh juice from The Butcher’s Daughter in Soho. The food was good, a little
pricey and the brunch menu was limited when it comes to vegan food unless
you eat eggs. My juice was $9 (most juices in NYC run around this cost- crazy
since I can make it at my house for $3) but the juice was delicious and the variety
of juices outnumbered the food options vastly. Fresh and quaint setting! 
I was disappointed to see they only serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday
and don’t do any lunch options. The lunch options definitely seemed a bit 
better than the brunch, but what can you do. 
The spicy kale caesar salad with avocado (which I paid an extra $2 for…)
Salad itself costs $14 for a bowl of marinated kale and a few slices of what
I believe is the adzuki bean bacon. The salad was delicious, but I went to
Whole Foods directly after because my bowl of raw lettuce did not fill me up.


Bread in Soho brunch on Saturday. This was delicious and the  waiter was
completely understanding of my dietary needs and didn’t question me at all (I
think she was a model too haha.) I started eating egg whites because going out
to brunch becomes too difficult when I don’t eat waffles and pancakes and can’t
find anything else on the menu to eat. This one was a simple egg white omelette
with no cheese and spinach, asparagus and tomato with no potato on the side and
extra salad.
Best option for meals worth the price, and for those of who you care about
what you eat and well, for those of you who don’t care as much 😉


My FAVORITE restaurant of all time (bad pic quality, sorry.) The bento box from Souen
in USQ. I find the Souen in Soho to be a lot worse then the other locations and the food
is constantly greasy and cold. This location is always on their game and the food is warm,
satisfying and flavorful. I got the sesame encrusted tofu with steamed veggies, brown rice,
seaweed and carrots, marinated burdock (which is a veggie not a bird) and a pickle.
My other top choices from Souen is the pad thai with tofu and the chickpea
I had green tea and ended with a tofu raspberry cheesecake. I can’t resist dessert at this
place! It’s all naturally sweetened and somewhat healthy for you…


A little bit of food art in Chelsea Market.
Didn’t eat these but they look yummy!


Another one of my favorite places in the city. Westville in Chelsea.
I can never decide what to get here but always find myself attracted to the
4 sides for $15 option. The amount of sides they have is impressive. I always
go for the plantains (heavenly), bok choy this time, beets with goat cheese, and
roasted brussel sprouts. Ahhhh so good.
Vegetarian options, along with gluten-free as well as your regular meat and
potatoes dish but jazzed up a bit more.


The BEST vegan sushi you will EVER eat. And it doesn’t even taste vegan!
This place is crazy impressive. I’m obsessed with their mango roll and buckwheat
roll. Plus, it’s super filling and satisfying. I also got miso soup and green tea (not
pictured) and these two rolls.


Rawlicious in Soho is a super yummy and a small raw restaurant. I went just for
dessert and haven’t had any real food there, but this dessert was pretty tasty.
A bit overpriced ($15 for just this dessert- I paid less for my main meal at another
restaurant…) but I wouldn’t expect to be super satisfied from it. This dessert was
really small and kinda not as good as I expected it to taste from the menu.
A raw chocolate brownie with a raw brownie ice cream. The plating was a little
mashed together but the staff were SO nice, I spent the evening chatting with
the waiter which was fun!


Siggy’s Good Food in Soho. This was good, nothing extremely special.
I went for lunch and spent $20 which is a bit annoying to me. I got this
salad and it was pretty much a bunch of lettuce and vegetables on my plate.
The dinner menu seemed a bit more satisfactory and not as minimal as the
lunch menu filled with salads and sandwiches. The staff were so incredibly
sweet so I can’t complain on that end!


Fresh grapefruit juice + brown rice pudding with berries, soymilk and 
agave at Le Pain Quotidien. Simple and delicious! 
Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? I’m dreading
this weekend to come because I can’t fathom leaving this city 
and going back to my hometown. There is too much potential 
and opportunity here…seeing green grass and trees everyday 
is not an exciting thought. 
One of the best parts about living in this city is the food. Whether
you want thai, sushi, American, Italian, Jamaican…it’s all here
for you, at 7 AM, 5 PM, and 2 AM. This city definitely never sleeps.
I’ve had the opportunity to go to some pretty rad places and eat 
some amazing meals, which I won’t forget back in CT with the 
closest “restaurant” to me being Applebees and McDonalds. 
I have a few favorite restaurants I could eat at literally every 
single day. Since health is my number one priority, finding
raw/gluten-free/vegan restaurants is helpful and keeps me on
track with my diet (and allows me to splurge when necessary!)
If you’re looking for some yummy and healthy food, here are 
my top choices:
Souen in USQ + East Village (Soho location isn’t as good)
Beyond Sushi in Union Square + Chelsea Market
Spring Street Natural in Soho 
The Butcher’s Daughter in Soho (amazing fresh juice + simple food)
Eatery in the East Village 
Pure Food + Wine in USQ
Westville in Chelsea + West Village
All good things come to an end, right?
P.S. If anyone knows of anyone in NYC subletting/renting their
 apt/looking for a roommate pleaaseeeee contact me!
P.P.S. I just found out I’m going to TURKEY as my birthday present
in November for 13 days! Ahhh I’m so excited! 
Miss Fashionista

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6 thoughts on “Foodie Time”

    Laura | Style and Sushi says:

    This food simply looks amazingggg!! I would love to go to New York just for the yummy looking food you post on your blog when you're in New York! Ahh Turkey that's soo cool!!! That's like so "close" but not so close to where I live haha! x Laura

    Ashley Taylor says:

    Great. Now I'm STARVING. There's soooo much good looking food in this post! *Going to look for a brownie and a gourmet meal in the fridge…. already prepared…* Wish me luck 😉

    xo Ashley

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