What to Wear to a Concert

6 June 2013
I went to a concert in Hartford the other day and was surprised to have 
found myself pondering what to wear. I’ve been to many different concerts
ranging from Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift to Kendrick Lamar and 
Shakira, but for different genres of music is it important to plan your 
look according to the type of concert you are attending? Anyone would
feel a little out of place in a glitter sequin dress and DVF wedges at a 
rap concert, but it’s easy to feel out of place at a Taylor Swift concert
if someone is wearing all black with a choker and creepers. 

Outdoor musical festivals in the summer are a bit more 
open with freedom to wear whatever, but these outfits are for either 
indoor or outdoor concerts in summer. 
At every concert there is going to be audience members in 10 inch 
high heels and a short skirt, but will soon find out that that may not
have been the best idea. Who wants to be in stilettos dancing all
night in front of a crowd!? Being comfortable but fashionable is 
possible, and no adorable shoes will have to be sacrificed in the 
The rap concert:

Your average crowd is going to (most likely) be an edgier group of people,
think rocker and vintage style. This look is appropriate because you have a
mix of leather and a floral bustier, and adding the hat into the mix gives an
extra amount of swag but also an effortless feel. I f during summer
opt for a snapback vs. beanie, but this one works when nothing else is available.The light denim is a better pick with this bustier than a pair of dark denim
because the lightness of the shorts brightens up the whole outfit and 
incorporates the summer aspect necessary to stand out in a crowd. 




The “teenage girls screaming everywhere” concert:

These are my favorite type of concert because if the music is reaaallly 
bad, I can laugh with my friends about the 700 teenage girls screaming
and crying at whatever heartthrob is on the stage. This outfit works for 
a more relaxing concert with younger people in the crowd, because
of the femininity of the dress and blush pink bag. Converse are THE BEST
concert shoes to wear for comfort and casualty: best pick for comfy shoes
but also adding that off-duty vibe to any outfit. 



The chill concert (outdoor music festival):

Think Coachella or Electric Zoo. These are the concerts everyone is 
preparing a year in advance for what they are going to wear. I’ve 
never been to an outdoor music festival (although that is on my 
bucket list) but I imagine it’s somewhere along the lines of a 
Vanessa Hudgens meets Miley Cyrus meets Joan Jett vibe. If I were
to go to one, my first choice would be a pair of combat boots and a
maxi dress with a braided belt, because to me outdoor festivals 
scream “boho” and “effortless” without paying to much attention
to any one detail. This dress here is almost identical, and will give
you freedom to be comfortable. 

This denim washed dress is edgy but modern and the glasses add 
to the vintage appeal, while the Celine shirt is fashionable and chic.
Plus, who can go wrong with a leather backpack! Great for walking 
around and not carrying too much. This backpack here is affordable
and will be a fabulous addition to your outfit. 
The concert where you have no idea who is performing: 

This seems a bit crazy I understand, but hasn’t everyone been to a 
concert where they aren’t sure who is playing? Or your friends have
invited you to see some random singer at a local club who you have 
never heard of but are going to attend? Here is the outfit for that occasion.

Whether it be a chill guitar player or a Daft Punk guitar band, 
you don’t have to be extremely dressed up for these concerts. If your
personal style is more on the feminine and girly side, go with a sundress
and gladiators with Wayfarer sunnies, or if you’re edgier (like me) choose
high-waisted cutoffs and a muscle tank with a rad snapback for optimal
concert wear. These muscle tanks from Garage are my favorite. 

Either way, keep jewelry limited to a few statement pieces
and opt for a cross-body leather bag in a neutral color or simple clutch
for an understated but not admissible addition. 

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    I love the 'Rap concert' and 'Chill concert' outfits. I love festival fashion, there are no rules and all the old trends come back.

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