The Wrap Mini Skort

A skirt? A skort? A pair of shorts? What can you call this new 
concoction, but best selling piece on the market right now? You tell 
me, since it took approximately 10 minutes for me to come up with 
the right name to type into Google to get pictures. Remembering the
good ole’ days when kids used to wear skorts, gym sneakers and jackets
to school and embrace the trend of that era. But now, we are greeted
with a piece that is both sexy and innocent, bold enough to wear to work
and chic enough to wear out to dinner. 
The trend confuses me in a good way, probably because the asymmetrical
but masculine feel from the skirt is different. My first reaction was 
not exactly “positive” until more celebs and bloggers began featuring this
piece and finding new and fashionable ways to rock it. I’m a fan of a black leather
jacket with a pair of moto boots and a white skirt (like Karolina) or a 
white skirt with a chunky sweater and some rad accessories. The idea of 
going with bold colors and brights in the skirt isn’t quite up my comfort zone
right now, but I’m interested to see your reaction to this piece. There are so
many options out there and tons of different colors, finding the perfect mini
skirt is going to be a tough job. 
My best bet: find stores that you’re comfortable shopping at, and ask 
whoever you are with or the salesperson for advice. This isn’t a trend 
every person can wear, but if you are one willing to risk going out with
this skirt on, make sure the outfit makes you feel even more sexy than 
the skirt. Don’t over accessorize, but don’t give the skirt too little attention
with other pieces that will draw away from the key piece. It may take a few
times to get the right top of right pair of shoes, but I have faith in all of
Will you wear this, or are you expecting the trend to fade out in a 
few months?
A few of my favs (I love any from Zara!)

All images from Google. 
I’d also like to bring up another incredible site I found recently
that is inspiring if you’re in the fashion industry, or even if you
aren’t but love to design.  Teespring  is a crowdfunding platform for
 groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel. 
Ever thought about designing a shirt and then selling it online? Or 
opening up your own shop? Well, Teespring gives you a head start on
your dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and with an affordable 
cost and easy set up, this site is bound to push you to follow that dream.
They pay nothing upfront, take no risk and YOU don’t have to deal with the 
hassle of ordering the right number of shirts. 
Check out a few examples of what people have done with the site here,
 and here. These shirts were made for charity purposes, and Teespring
gave these people the opportunity to help a cause and not feel a 
burden with the cost. 
Miss Fashionista

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5 thoughts on “The Wrap Mini Skort”

    These are so cool, I didn't know you could get them in different colors! You can get cheaper ones on ebay too, if your just trying the look out.

    I hate to admit it but a very persuasive retail assistant just semi conned me into buying a black "mini skort"

    So, the first thing I did when I got home was hit the web to find out other people's opinions on this fairly bold trend. Like yourself it took me around 10 minutes to figure out what it's called but I'm glad I stumbled across this post.

    It's given me some great ideas,

    Thank you!!


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