Street Style with an Edge

7 April 2013
I always like to add a statement piece of jewelry that is unexpected. This piece is one
of my favorites from a shoot I did a while back. I get told it looks like “sunflower
seeds.” The necklace didn’t take away from the jacket and dress, but instead added
the extra pop that the look desired.

 My favorite studded sneakers. Finally brought them out again since summer is approaching
and white is finally socially acceptable again.


 The back of this jacket is rad. It’s petal like structure is so unique and makes me feel feminine 
when I put it on, which is a different feeling for a leather jacket. 
Happy Sunday my little fashionistas! This weekend has been pretty
relaxing. My sister brought her boyfriend home for the first time 
(eek!) and we enjoyed a lovely family dinner Friday evening. Risotto
and french fries is where it’s at! No matter where my small family 
is, it is so important that we come together and cherish the moments
that we have together. My sister and me travel a lot, but lucky for us
since we have many of the same interests, we understand each other
more. I love when she brings friends or family home because it is so
cool to see how they react to this small town when we both look like
city girls! It can definitely be a reality check (but in a good way.)
Lately, the “street style” trend somewhat faded away. To my dismay
because it is my favorite trend from 2012. Rocking a pair of high top
sneakers with a pair of skinny jeans and a leather jacket always does
the job. Fashion meets comfort. This look is more refined and preppy,
but the leather jacket and studded shoes bring back the street style
approved sophistication. Wearing this dress and not having my knee
high Frye boots on with it and a scarf brings tears to my eyes. If it
snows one more time I think I might fall over. Just imagining warm 
summer breezes and long walks on the beach this summer is already
making me giddy!!
Usually jewelry is every bloggers safe haven, but sometimes opting 
out of the crazy statement piece is a better idea vs. wearing it with 
400 other patterns. In this case I almost didn’t want to put jewelry
on to take away from the rest of the look, and mainly because with
the sneakers and stripes, there wasn’t much else that needed to be 
added. After surfing through my jewelry box, this is the one necklace
that stood out to me. Jewelry should accessorize and make an outfit 
more fashionable, but unless you have on a simple pair of jeans and
a white t-shirt, it shouldn’t take away. My friends always say this necklace
looks like a bunch of sunflower seeds, but I can’t say that it upsets me
because at least they are talking about my outfit at all, right? As long
as I know I got people talkin’. 

Expect a new giveaway up this week!

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