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3 April 2013

Happy Wednesday! Took a mental health day yesterday which was actually
quite useful. Some news that I finally decided would be right to tell everyone
now…after lots of thinking I have decided to do online school for the rest of 
high school. After June 21st, the high school experience will be ending for
me. I am scared/nervous and excited at the same time. This will give me more
time for work and won’t leave me constantly stressed about having to mix 
both, but at the same time saying goodbye to all my friends during school 
is a big change. Cheers to new changes and switching things up for the better!
If any of you have/had an online school experience your thoughts would be
very appreciated!

Yesterday I came across this video through Refinery 29, and wanted to 
feature it because the video itself is causing a pretty significant 
controversy in the fashion field. I did watch the entire video, and was
left speechless in between the moments of laughter. Even though I 
don’t want to influence your thoughts on it, in my opinion this video is
offensive, sad, and a major marketing scam. The video is actually 
embarrassing if you look past the awful acting and the funny characters,
what would possess a highly renowned website like Lookbook.nu to 
publish something like this? For one, if the story line was more realistic
the concept would be much different, but is this what people really think
about the blogging industry? A bunch of stuck up bitches who walk around
in nice clothes and make a living out of posing for street style photographers?
The majority of fashion bloggers I know have worked damn hard for what 
they have earned and through every up and down in the blogging industry 
whether it be money or job opportunities have been disappointed and rejected,
but in the end are proud of where we end up. From the perspective of 
someone in all parts of the industry (business side and fashion side) this 
video just shows us how insignificant certain brands and websites think
fashion bloggers are, while on the other hand we are being told frequently
how important we are to sell items and market lines compared to high
strung celebrities. With thousands upon thousands of fashion bloggers
out their, you think a site like this could at least take the courtesy of 
featuring real bloggers in the series? Not actors that can’t act and have no
clue what blogging is about. 

Are there even words for the marketing scam at the end of it? I mean come 
on. This is like a bad movie with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, but 
instead real people are portrayed in a negative spotlight. Lookbook: you 
can do much better. Or maybe you can’t. 


Miss Fashionista 


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2 thoughts on “LOOKBOOK: The Series”

    Congrats on the online school route! So glad you were able to get this worked out !!!
    And I agree 100% ~ that Lookbook video is horrible.

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