Eco Swim 2013

Lots of outgoing prints and teen suits that I would wear any day! 
This exhibit on the wall caught my eye: it’s different cases showing what materials the swimwear is made out of. How awesome is that? Seeing the design process for any line is pretty phenomenal, but seeing an organic one that is trying to change the earth is even more eye catching. 
Having fun in the PR showroom! Might be working there this summer too 😉 
I left with the polka dot 2 piece on the end, but opted for a black top instead of white just because of the sizing. It’s awesome that the pieces can be mixed and matched with other bottoms and tops to create a really versatile wardrobe. Eco knows how to pick shapes that fit your body and look flattering instead of make you uncomfortable on the beach. 





This blue suit was INCREDIBLE!! Reminded me of the ocean. The blues were elegant and young, I would wear it and I bet an adult would as well. 

I arrived back from the city last evening to my small little town in the country. 
It’s definitely such a different atmosphere and even though I’m by far a city girl,
escaping to the country is the best of both worlds. My days were filled with events
throughout the week that will of course be showcased on my blog, but one of my 
favorite stops was to the Eco Swim showroom in Times Square. Eco Swim is a 
family run business with a select group of people working in the office. I felt so 
welcome and was even lucky enough to leave with a fabulous swimsuit! There 
were several different brands I was shown including Eco Swim, Miraclesuit and
 a few others. One of my top showroom picks because all of the swimwear is 
carefully selected and crafted from only the finest of materials. Plus, all of 
the swimsuits are flattering on almost every body type of have a wide range
of colors, prints, and textures. 

This season, I am seeing tons and tons of blues. From light shades to darker
ones, blue seems to be taking over the fashion industry. The brand is 
venturing into coverups and adorable wraps to throw on over your wet 
suit made from coffee beans (Eco is known for using recyclable material to
produce the line) which is rad for anyone in the market for a new organic
coverup. Of course, it was only a matter of time before they decided to venture
into a teen line, which is perfect for me and anyone not ready to give up all the
fun outgoing colors in swimwear yet. Peace signs, stripes, lots of pinks and 
purple…a great addition to a summer vacation. I cannot wait for Miami and 
to work with Eco at the tents this season! To describe the line in a few words,
I would pick modern, simplistic, and sophisticated. It’s not every day that you
would wear a bathing suit and cover-up from the beach to a night out. 

I am off to Lenox, MA tomorrow for a stay over in a little B&B in the Berkshires!
Travel never seems to get enough of me. 

P.S. Congrats to Sharon who won my Liebeskind giveaway! Thanks to everyone 
who entered 🙂

P.P.S. I am selling A TON of brand new designer swimsuits from a really 
famous designer for a price of $35 each retail $200. You can buy them 
here or email me/tweet me/ FB etc. They are beautiful and high 
quality, plus over half off your $75 Victoria Secrets suit, and these are
one of a kind. The designer showed at Miami Swim Week and has been
sold in national retailers. 


Miss Fashionista 



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13 thoughts on “Eco Swim 2013”

    First, thanks again for the purse giveaway!! Yay!!
    This is a great post, thanks for sharing your adventure with us, the suits are adorable and the exhibit is very cool! Go green!!


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