Rad Clothes and Cute Sayings

3 March 2013

Some cute new items by 2 rad brands and a pretty sick & edgy clutch
now in my possession. The first top is by Worn By and is part of a new
collection from their section called “Lyrics” This style focuses on Joy
 Division and the song ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. Pair it with a blazer
and cutoffs with slingbacks for a relaxed but sexy look, or with cutoffs
and gladiators for a more chill and boho vibe. How fabulous does 
summer seem now? I’d rock this one with my fav ripped cutoffs, some
wrap around sandals and a braided headband. 
The next look is by Vanessa G, a new UK launched brand that combines
the traditional look of art and fashion. The philosophy behind the look is
wearable art, which can definitely come in handy for the fashionista willing
to stretch their limits and try a new style out. The collections combine
distinct patterns and fabrics for an eye-catching finish bound to attract
attention. Now officially sold in the US! 
The clutch is by L.A.R.K, a Malaysian based brand who has recently been 
featured on Daily Candy and in Frankie Magazine for raddest clutches 
around (is that a word?) and I definitely can see why. The mix between a
fun and young clutch with an edgy and mysterious vibe is eye-catching and
beyond creative. I think some of the best collections and lines are ones that
make you confused on what to wear with them. Exactly what this piece
does to me. 
P.S. Guess who is probably going to Miami Swim Week…hollaaaa!
Ms. Fashionista 


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