I am sick. Again. With the flu this time. Completely prepared

to claw my eyes out because staying in bed for the past 3 days 
and most likely the next 3 days is k.i.l.l.i.n.g me. Being stuck in bed for several days leaves little for one to 
inspire about when all you are seeing is the same setting 
over and over again. I did happen to get the several books 
that were featured on an IFB list for all bloggers to read 
in the mail today, one of them being “Grace, The Memoir.”
Have any of you read it yet? I did not expect it to be so
 large! The book is literally the size of my head haha. 
Definitely pumped to begin reading and learn about the
inspiration woman and model. 

Last month I watched “The September Issue” feat. 
Grace & Anna and was very inspired. The movie itself
was a bit boring but for a documentary on fashion what
can you expect? Guns and knives to sew clothing 
together to style a photo shoot? For any person in fashion 
and for someone that wants to pursue a career in this
industry, you must watch the movie. People give Anna 
Wintour such a hard time for being so private and 
sometimes rude and serious, but her job requires that
of her. In my opinion that is what makes people like her
a genius. Just think of McQueen and what he was like 
in return for his creative genius. 

P.S. I will try and have a new recipe up soon- I have come 
across one that excites me so much!!! I just need the energy
to stand in my kitchen now.

Stay safe xoxo 



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