Gypsy Dressing: Recreating the Look

The New York Times 

Ever since the NY Times published an article
in the paper about one of the latest trend:
dressing like “gypsies”, I can’t take my eyes
away from everyone trying to recreate the look
that used to be looked down upon. I think the 
key way to get that boho/gypsy in inspired look 
is with a few key pieces. 


The boho inspired maxi dress. Try this one here
by Ella Moss. It’s got the perfect darkness to
be transformed into a whole different trend. 
Wear this by the beach or to a party and add in
some chic accessories for that effortless, party
feel vibe.


The leather braided belt. Does every person 
trying to achieve this look have to have a leather 
braided belt? No. But I like mine a lotttt. Especially
for belting my somewhat long maxi dresses with to be able
to add in tons of jewelry without the look being too 
 messy. Try this one by Ralph Lauren here. No matter 
what type of gypsy look you’re going for, I would always
opt for a brown belt instead of black. It’s much more
relaxed and not as edgy. 

 Whatever is next:

The gypsy inspired fringe vest (not
the one you would see on the dude
riding the Harley). I love a fabulous
fringe vest. See mine in one of my posts here
They honestly are the best, cheap, easiest way 
to accomplish this look. Throw it on over a tank 
and a pair of high-waisted cutoffs (cool pick here)
and you’re good to go. Put this fringe belt on 
over the belt and maxi dress and voila. Try these
vests here, here, and here.


The wide-brimmed hat, gladiator sandals,
Ray-Ban vintage sunglasses, and Indian 
style bags. The hat isn’t a 
necessity, but I definitely think it helps add up to
the gypsy looking factor. Out of every single tip I have
mentioned, the gladiator sandals are definitely listed
at the top. I love these ones by Burberry here and here
I have an awesome pair you have seen me wear multiple 
times that were under $20 and by Gap. Every time I see
someone attempt to recreate the look, they always have 
rad sunnies on to add to that vintage factor. Of course,
I found the most expensive the Ray-Ban route to do so. 
$574.58 worth of pure heaven here. If they look like 
they are for men, they probably are. Even better. The 
hat is perfect for doing a quick creation. Try this one 
here. Black or white, doesn’t matter. My favorite styles
are the ones with the cute feminine bows or ribbons on
the top. And finally, the boho, fringe bag. My bests are 
these two here and here (one is $20!!) Anything fringe 
is a go, I promise you can’t go wrong with it when trying 
for this trend.

Add in some cool jewelry and happy times! You’re a gypsy!

P.S. Do you guys like my new header??



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9 thoughts on “Gypsy Dressing: Recreating the Look”

    Great post, the pics are so inspirational, I'll def try this kind of look!
    Btw, thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, I just followed you!

    Have a nice day,

    I've always liked the gypsy/boho looks! It's very summer and floaty, great post sweetie =)
    – Che

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