Tuc+Wes-An Interview with Orly Shani

18 June 2012


 See me wearing the “Strapped” tank here 
Dead Broke Collection 2012 by Orly Shani
Remember the signature “Broke City” tank tops 
that you’re seeing everywhere right now? 
Well, I had the opportunity to interview Orly 
Shani from Fashion Star and ask her a few
 questions about her line Tuc+Wes and about her
 overall experience participating on 
Fashion Star! She has so much potential
and I can’t wait to see this young designer
become huge in the industry. 
 How do you feel that being on national television stretched your limits as a designer?
I think that being on a show like FashionStar forced me to take criticism WHILE staying true to myself. We had so many different people telling us what they wanted from us, that it was easy to lose site of your brand. I started that brand on the show… so i was more susceptible to critique. But by the time the show ended, I had developed the brand in my own mind and i never wavered. 
 If you could pick three words to describe your line tuc+wes, which three would you choose?
sexy, functional, effortless
 I noticed that a lot of your line is more easy going and some of the pieces are edgier than others. What influenced you to do a more versatile and easy to wear collection compared to a high fashion one?
I was influenced by me. Towards the end of the show I realized that I was strongest when i used myself as my inspiration. If i don’t absolutely HAVE to have it, i wont make it. And I’m not a high fashion chick. I like to look sexy, but effortless. I like to feel comfortable but still on put together. I like to be on trend, but not lose sight of my personal style. So I decided to start with a cozy line of tees, while Im building out the full tuc+wes collection. 
 I think everyone is interested in learning where the name “tuc+wes” came from. Can you explain?
tuc+wes is cut+sew backwards 😉
What is next for you in the world of fashion and design?
Currently Im focusing on getting the DeadBroke Collection on as many sexy little ladies as I can. And I’m still building out the newest full contemporary line. A collection like that, takes a lot of time. And i don’t want to come out with something that i don’t think is amazing. I’m coming off a reality show, im my opinion… I have alot to prove.
What do you see yourself doing in the next 10+ years?
I see myself running a huge brand. Not just a clothing line… but a huge, massive, power machine of a 
Thanks Orly!!!


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