29 June 2012
 Started taking horseback riding lessons! Having a ball!
 Late obsession with smoothie. This one was almond butter strawberry banana. 


 Fresh picked cherries at the farmers market. 


 Heaven on Earth. 


 90 degree weather outside calls for cropped denim vests and sailor shorts. 


 The cards I got from the Prada exhibit at the MET. Planning on arranging them in a huge frame and putting it on my wall. 


 Items from the MET exhibit include an iPhone case and mini Prada fire shoe. 



 Prettiest place!


 New Urban Outfitters floral cloth sandals with a hidden wedge (scored for $20)


 New obsession with Joe Fresh. 


 Chillen’ on the street on my hotel. 


 Visiting showrooms and sipping fresh vegetable juice (actually not that bad) in SoHo. 


 Goodie from my Birchbox that is perfect chilled and then splashed all over your face and neck for a refreshed look. 


Cab selfieeeee. 
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P.S. Just my luck: I made a 
video on VideofyMe using my 
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Have a truly lovely weekend
and don’t die of heat 


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