Date Night

9 May 2012


date night 2
Ralph Lauren top, Vera Moda shorts, Madison Harding heels,Valextra Isis Gioiella clutch, Vintage Chanel earrings
date night
Romwe dress, Steve Madden sandals, Victoria Beckham bag, J.Crew bangles, Gucci sunglasses 
 What do you think about Angelina slits on a  first date? Too much skin? *But could she look any better? I mean look at her. That hipbone though needs to be covered…
Hot and flashy!! Just the way you want to go LOL 
One day I will have a hot date to dress up excitingly (does that make sense? hehe) for. You can dress up in cute lace shorts like the ones featured above with a pop of color and a feminine top. Or, opt for the more outgoing girl and be classically chic while color-blocking and staying in a neutral range. You definitely don’t want to make a bad first impression. I imagine myself in a cute little red dress with some cool Christian Louboutin heels and a little metallic bag. I figured I could also tie in shots from the Met Ball last night because that is somewhat of a date night…I mean celebrities bring dates. Eh, why not? 
How to prepare for a date
When you think that you’ve met someone special and you’ve managed to secure a first date, there are often a few nerves leading up to the big occasion. How you prepare beforehand can often have a big impact on how successful your evening will be.
To help calm your nerves, we’ve compiled our top 5 preparation tips:
    1. Prepare mentally
If you’re the kind of person who finds keeping the conversation going difficult with new people, it’s often a great idea to keep track of the news, current events and popular goings on in the world. This will ensure that you have a few conversation starters if the chat doesn’t flow freely and naturally at first.
Try and remember what you talked about when you first met. If you can remember any personal information that your date may have told you when you planned the date, it’s always a good idea to try and drop it into conversation. It will show that you’re a good listener and take an interest in other people.
  1. Start your preparation early
If you can get a head start on feeling and looking good, you should definitely take the opportunity. Get a regular sleep pattern going that gives you enough rest to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. If you exercise regularly, make sure that you keep your routine. You’ll feel great by the time your date night arrives.
  1. Choose your clothes wisely
Making sure you’ve got your outfit for the night ready well before you need to get changed will ensure that there are no last minute wardrobe nightmares. If you’re looking for some stylish clothes that strike the perfect balance between smart and casual, check out the Ted Baker range. There’s a great selection to choose from.
  1. Think positively
There is absolutely no point even going on the date if you are already expecting it to go wrong before you’ve even left the house. If you need reassurance in times of nerves, listen to some of your favourite upbeat music, or pick up the phone for a chat with a close friend.
  1. Enjoy yourself
The most important tip for a first date is also the most simple. Just enjoy yourself! You’ve been asked on the date for a reason, and you could be meeting someone incredibly special. So relax and enjoy!  
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    Yulia Moreckaya says:

    Мне у тебя очень понравилось,тут уютно!)
    Если ты вдруг подпишешься ко мне,то я как только так сразу отвечу взаимно,буду ждать твоих комментариев:)

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