Blogger’s Wardrobe

21 May 2012


Happy Monday! I have recently come across and amazing website called Blogger’s Wardrobe, which is technically a unique and super easy way to shop some of the coolest brands online and from your own cozy house. It’s one of the newest inventions for overseas and in the US brands and bloggers to connect. Certain bloggers have to apply to join, and on their site they list all the bloggers that are currently a part of the newest movement. I’ve Got a Lust for Life, Neon Blush, Fashion Breaker, and The Stylish Wanderer are all part of Blogger’s Wardrobe. The site now has tons of different brands on it for you to easily access, which is unexpected and incredibly helpful. I love “Tiger of Sweden” which is one of the Swedish brands featured. Everything reminds me of the jungle and almost like trying to blend yourself in with everyone else in neutrals and darker colors. “Triwa” is another rad company on the site. But instead of clothing, they sell watches. This is the opposite of your average swatch or Michael Kors gold watch that I still continue hoping for… The pieces are timeless, effortless, and confusing to the point where you can’t get your eyes off of them. 
Go check out Blogger’s Wardrobe and tell me what you think! Probably the opposite of what you’re imagining right now. Exclusive, different, and all the fun of shopping right at your own convenience, just with other bloggers. 
20% off at SheInside with code Alexa20! Expires May 30th!


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