Spikes and Studs

26 March 2012

Outfit options

Goodies from the hotel bathroom. Who doesn’t take them!?

Tuna salad at Grey Dog in SoHo


 Chilling in the park near NYU. 

Delia’s dress (similar here), TOMS shoes, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Rebecca Minkoff bag, H&M jacket, Alimonada necklace
Day 2 in NYC. I had breakfast in bed, then headed off to SoHo before an afternoon of auditions. I ate at Grey Dog in SoHo, which is my fave restaurant in the city. Because there wasn’t much time for me to hang around that part of the city before I had to get back to Chelsea, I didn’t get to go into stores like I had hoped to. Before I shot all these pics, I was wearing my UNIF studded shoes and they got so uncomfortable about halfway through the day I had to take them off. It’s pretty funny because in the AM I went to Times Square, and got stopped like every other minute because someone wanted to know if they were comfortable and I said yes- at that time they were! Sincere apologies to anyone that went and bought the coolest but most uncomfortable shoes on the planet ever because I said they were comfortable…  Also, I felt like a cute little kid in this dress! A gift card to Delia’s from forever ago allowed me to purchase it 🙂 All about the animals on that day. 

On Tuesday I met Ann Curry from the Today show! Usually I would never go to something so “touristy”, but going to the filming of the show was the one thing I have never had the chance to do and finally can cross it off my invisible bucket list. 
P.S. New VideofyMe vid is posted above! BTW the sound got a bit messed up in the beginning so it pretty much plays 2 songs at once for a little while.


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