Instagramin’ It Up

30 March 2012


1: new jewelry box. 
2: getting ready for summer, until it disappears once again.
3: brand spankin’ new Dolce Vita sandals.
4: BCBGMAXAZRIA jumpsuit, F21 sweater, Jessica Simpsons sandals. warm weather ready.
5: lovely new swim suit that came to me in the mail with a personalized card 🙂
6: Banana Republic new yellow sweater with Gap skinnies
7: close-up of the BR sweater sleeves
8: flipping through the NY Times and saw these rad Dior suede heels. too die for.
9: black Essie “licorice” with luxeffects Essie “set in stones” via my March birchbox.
My latest Instagram shots 🙂 I can’t wait till I finally get my iPhone next month, mainly because I want this amazing app. Do any of you have the iPhone? I have been second guessing myself on if I should get that or another phone, because the only reason I feel like I am gravitating towards the iPhone is for Instagram…My blackberry is just awful though! Any other really good phone recommendations? I am totally stuck but just know for sure my crackberry blackberry needs to go. 
Follow me on Instagram as @alifeinthefashionlane…My pics will be 100x better if I stop using my iPod and finally get an iPhone. 


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18 thoughts on “Instagramin’ It Up”

    You won't regret getting an Iphone! Blackberry sucks and I'm still stuck with mine for one year! 🙁 I love the apps for Iphone, they also have a bloglovin' app which means reading blogs non-stop haha! 😉

    I actually really love these photo's! Especially the second one! I love your shoes! What brand are they from?

    xoxo, Laura

    I feel the exact same way! I've never really wanted an iphone until the instagram app came about.

    Anyway, I love those gold sleeves and black nails! I'm a sucker for a good ol' black nail polish, or any dark/eery color in general.

    Super great blog, I followed!
    Feel free to checkout mine!

    xx Eva

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