2 March 2012

BCBGeneration dress 
How gorg is my new BCBGeneration dress? I got it on sale the other day at Lord and Taylor and I’m absolutely obsessed. I felt like a princess when I tried it on at first. The wide open back and the high necklace with poofy sleeves is just to die for. So feminine and sophisticated. Paired with anything from ballet flats to hot grey high heels, the dress was happy to meet someone called…my overfilled but absolutely amazeballs closet. 
These pictures have a tad of a boring background because every time I was ready to take pictures out and about in life it started pouring, snowing, or some other random form of coldness that pretty much prohibits me from shooting. A.K.A. its snowing right now… again. Enjoy the lovely color of my joyful new lavender  room! What do you think of the color? Some part of looking at the purple makes me want to run up and down in fields…so weird hehe. Made for the perfect setting to match my grey, pink, tons of other colors dress however! ALSO have fun looking at that piece of Godiva chocolate cheesecake from a restaurant I was at the other day. So worth going to the gym for 20 hours a day just to indulge in a slice of heaven. And chocolate. 😉 
I had fun putting all the words that seemed important in bold. Including chocolate cheesecake, duh.


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7 thoughts on “Flirt”

    cleverandcatchy says:

    this is stunning on you. the back is perfect! i would love to see your closet, everything ive seen is just fabulous.. you make me feel like my days of NSYNC and camo pants when I was your age were such a waste 😡 i can't get over how talented and driven you are.

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