14 February 2012

This past week has been super crazy with Fashion Week and all, so I’m ready to sleep A LOT this upcoming week and relax! In two weekends I’m going to Boston and staying over in a hotel (yay, so excited) and then in March I get to go down to the city again for two days which I am excited for x100. During my stay, I have an interview and an audition, so I will keep you all updated with how that goes!
On a new subject, my February Birchbox came in the mail! It’s my first time getting it, which was so exciting. Not to mention that this month is Valentines Day, so a surprise piece of dark chocolate came in the lovely box. I usually don’t do a lot of beauty posts, but this seems like a lovely opportunity to post about my beauty rituals. After I ran out of the rest of my Origins moisturizer, I figured I would try something new. I currently use my all natural carrot moisturizer from a new brand called “Yes to Carrots”. It’s great because it isn’tthat expensive and I found it at a grocery store, so I’m not driving to a Macy’s or select store to purchase a necessity! Before moisturizer goes on in the AM, I put on another cream from Origins just to keep my skin extra healthy and fresh. Recently, makeup hasn’t been on my list of things to put on my face because I have been trying to not wear a lot of it anymore, but besides eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara if I choose to wear it, I have a foundation powder that I put on. The pictures I posted pretty much explain what came in the box. I’m super excited to try my new berry moisturizer! Have you ever gotten a Birchbox? Definitely something on the beauty side I recommend! 
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