28 January 2012

Vintage plaid skirt (similar here)
Leather Converse sneakers
H&M plaid shirt (similar here or here)
Gap black sweater (similar here or here)
Vintage hat (similar here)
Forever 21 tights (similar here)
Forever 21 bag(similar here)


Who doesn’t look schoolgirl looks? It’s only one of my favorite looks ever. Not to mention the mix between two plaid items gives off that “Oh hey, I’m preppy but I can work grunge” look. The weather seems to be getting more and more bipolar everyday. Working in a skirt into my wardrobe every now and then is key to stay sane through the rain, snow, ice, and 50 degree weather outbursts.  Midterms are finally over, so I can get back to my regular posting schedule and stop eating sushi and ginger dressing salads out every single day to mend my hate for studying lol. Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I am so close to 110 Facebook followers! YAY. 

—–> I’m super obsessed with this new singer named Ellie Goulding and that’s where the name of the title to this post came from! You can watch the video for Starry Eyed here!


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