marry the night

20 December 2011


Who What Wear has some great pics! Love the Charlotte Ronson one (designer to look out for)!
Asos Oversized Parka


JBNY Glossy Down Parka

SAM. Snorkel Goose Down Parka 

I have been getting super excited for the holidays coming up (hehe thats all I ever seem to say). I just got my Christmas tree and am spending time relaxing before my break in a week! Woo am I excited! Not to mention that I will be gift shopping very soon, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to get my best friends. What do you usually do for yours? I’ve looked at every Seventeen, Teen Vogue etc mag for gift ideas but I can’t find one thing that seems to be right for the three of them. I would love to hear what you usually give your besties in the comments!

In the style headlines, parkas are back in again! Every season they seem to make a comeback for being a bit more heavy-duty but still chic, and I absolutely love the one I have! Actually, I have 2! They are way too super cute. Here’s a couple of my fav ones I’ve spotted online recently. Ones with faux shearling fur and hoods are the best! Definitely an item you should put near the top of your list. Great for the cold, chilly weather and also just another “accessory”. 


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13 thoughts on “marry the night”

    Great post! By the way, I like your new header, so pretty 🙂 As for presents.. Me and my best friend usually go shopping together and just buy something similar to remind each other of our friendships 🙂

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