everything i ever gave you

25 July 2011

Nightcap Clothing tee

Marc Jacobs dress

Eryn Brinie dress

Asos dress

APART shirt

APART blazer

I’m obsessed with stripes. Blue stripes in particular, but I also love glittery stripes, neon stripes, etc and all of the above. The thing about stripes is 1) they will never go out 2) they make any body type look amazinnnngg (aka a striped dress). So many celebrities have been pulling off stripes in a unique and classic looking way. I actually just got an APART striped sweater over the weekend that I’m nothing but in love with. Anywhere from three stripes on a dress to 15 stripes on a sweater, stripes are the new thing.

P.S. Next post will be an outfit post!
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13 thoughts on “everything i ever gave you”

    Urban Couture 53 says:

    Stripes are all over the season! Nice post, we loved the Marc Jacobs dress! Urbancouture53.blogspot.com

    omg i love the marc jacobs dress, it's so cute! I am your new follower! Follow me back? I am hosting a jewelry giveaway!

    That ASOS black-and-white striped dress. I so want it. It is absolutely beautiful.

    I love stripes, and I'm planning on doing a stripe post sometime soon as well!



    I love stripes too! I realized this after I noticed my wardrobe was filled with the pattern ha. I'm obsessing over floral patterns at the moment, but stripes will always have a place in my heart ha. I love the Asos dress. Thank you for commenting on my blog; your giveaway looks awesome!

    -Alyssa from The BF Mashup

    blacksandbrights says:

    i am obsessed with stripes – its a serious problem – every time i get dressed in the morning i have to remind myself i cannot wear them everyday!

    great post xx

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