a stroll through newbury street

19 June 2011

DAY 1- Delia’s maxi skirt; vintage tank top; Rocket Dog wedges; Rebecca Minkoff bag; Forever 21 denim vest; BonLook sunglasses; Black vintage bracelet
DAY 2- Delia’s polka dot dress; Rocket Dog wedges; Forever 21 denim vest; Rebecca Minkoff bag; BonLook sunglasses
I literally just got in to my house from my amazing trip to Boston. My navigation system got my sister, mom, dad and me lost and driving around for an extra hour before actually getting to my house which was so annoying. But altogether, I had such a great time and Boston is now one of my fav places!
I stayed just outside of Boston in Lexington. The name of the hotel is the Aloft Lexington, and it’s by the W Hotel and supposedly “one step down from the W.” I definitely agree because besides the Wynn in Las Vegas, the Aloft Lexington was such a fab hotel and had everything you could ever imagine, definitely one of my favorite hotels. And only 15 min from Boston!
On the first day there (Saturday), I took a trip down to Newbury Street, which is a cute and quaint street about a 25 minute walk from Quincy Market. I strolled up and down the cobblestone streets and went into American Apparel, Zara, H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue, Free People and 344. 344 is this AMAZING store that I’m now completely obsessed with. It’s so good because it has everything from JC wedges to $28 t-shirts by a company I’ve honestly never heard of but love! I didn’t end up buying anything there because there wasn’t really anything that caught my eye and I looked good in, but I still really enjoyed finding a new store. To end the day, I ate lobster and tomato salad with iced tea at this adorbs little French restaurant on Newbury. The atmosphere was superb and the whole vibe of the night life feel is so different from anywhere I’ve ever been.
On Sunday (today), I traveled to Quincy Market. Going on a Sunday is so must more convenient compared to traveling to such a busy place like that on a Saturday because it’s not as packed. It’s still crazy packed to the point where I couldn’t walk through the food court without being scared my smoothie would spill everywhere, but it was much better. In Quincy Market, I went into Urban Outfitters where I picked up something I’ve been needing forev- a romper! I got it for $10 and it’s completely what I’ve been wanting and a perfect price! From there, I went to GAP and than to American Eagle, where I found a cute little bracelet and a t-shirt for my friend’s birthday present.
In conclusion, my trip to Boston was everything I expected and more. A hotel just like the W, a quaint walk across cobbled streets on Newbury Street, and a busy but exciting day in Quincy Market.
P.S. Next post will be a post with my Kendall K. top. I’ve now promised this about 500 times, but I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE I will feature it asap no matter what!
P.P.S. If you noticed, I brought my denim vest and my Rebecca Minkoff bag. Both pieces were SO amazingly easy to pair with anything, especially the vest.


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